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Enjoy great sound anywhere in your home with a Linn system. Listen to your own music from each connected network station. Connect to your favorite streaming service, such as Tidal or Spotify. Or tune in to an endless amount of internet radio stations. And always remain in full control with Linn’s user friendly apps on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.


Linn’s apps are very easy to understand. You don’t need a user manual to play your favorite music or discover new music.

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You will be amazed when you listen to your music on a Linn system for the first time. The music you know so well suddenly feels so fresh and brand new!
Try it yourself at Concerto Audio. Bring your own music, have a seat and just listen. It will blow your mind!



Concerto Audio = Linn

Linn stands for uncompromising quality in audio, for an ongoing search for the highest grade of perfection. At Concerto Audio we sell Linn exclusively. Here you can find everything that Linn has to offer. We understand Linn and the people behind it. We know what they do. And we know why they do it. We understand their philosophy, embrace it and propagate it.
If you live just around the corner in Amsterdam or on another continent, no worries, we will handle transportation and installation. For our foreign customers: some countries offer tax advantages. Contact us and we will be happy to help you.


  • Your computer is strong in many things


  • But not in playing music


  • Connect, play, enjoy


Add a Linn to your home network and enjoy the superior quality in everything you hear. Use your computer to store audio and video. Use a Linn system to play it.